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Side views

Sukhoi Su-24M side view

Sukhoi Su-24M

Ukrainian AF Sukhoi Su-24M “19 White”

Sukhoi Su-24M side view

Sukhoi Su-24M

Russian AF Sukhoi Su-24M “09 Red”

Sukhoi Su-24 side view

Sukhoi Su-24

Sukhoi Su-24 “11 Red” of the Kazakhstan Air Defence Force’s 600th Air Base, Zhetygen AB, May 2005

Sukhoi Su-15TM side view

Sukhoi Su-15TM

Sukhoi Su-15TM «32 Red». 6th Independent PVO Army, 54th Kerchenskiy Red Banner GvIAP (Guards Fighter Regiment), Vainode AB, Estonia, 1986. Later Su-15TM «32 Red» was transferred to the 611th IAP at Dorokhovo AB

Sukhoi Su-15 side view

Sukhoi Su-15

Sukhoi Su-15 «01 Red» named after Great Patriotic War hero Nikolay Danilenko. Moscow PVO (Air Defence) District, 3rd Air Corps, 611th IAP (Fighter Regiment), Dorokhovo AB, Bezhetsk

Yakovlev AIR-6 side view

Yakovlev AIR-6

Yakovlev AIR-6 CCCP-C283 “22″