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Side views

Antonov An-12BK side view

Antonov An-12BK

Antonov An-12BK “33 Deep Blue” (s/n 61347804). Unit data unavailable. Gorbunov KAPO airfield in Kazan’, 25 April 2003

Antonov An-22 side view

Antonov An-22

Antonov An-22 RA-08832 named Vasiliy Semenenko. 76th OVTAE of Russian Military Transport Aviation, Migalovo (Tver’), 2005

Boeing B767 side view

Boeing B767

Boeing B767 D-ABUI of Condor / Thomas Cook

Myasishchev 3MD side view

Myasishchev 3MD

Myasishchev 3MD “25″ strategic bomber, 1960s

Airbus A320 side view

Airbus A320

Airbus A320 D. Shostakovich VP-BWF of Aeroflot

Beriyev Be-6PLO side view

Beriyev Be-6PLO

Beriyev Be-6 “36 Yellow” retrofitted with an APM-56 Chita magnetic anomaly detector, the mid-1960. The manufacturer’s designation Be-6PLO of the this anti-submarine warfare version was rarely used in service