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Mil’ Mi-8MTV side view

Mil’ Mi-8MTV

Kazakhstan Border Guards Mil’ Mi-8MTV “06 Blue”, Almaty-Boralday, May 2005

Mil’ Mi-8MTKO side view

Mil’ Mi-8MTKO

Mil’ Mi-8MTKO «Telepoozik» («Teletubbie»). Groznyy-Khankala AB, the autumn of 2001

Mil’ Mi-8T side view

Mil’ Mi-8T

«82 Red», a Mil’ Mi-8T in unarmed utility transport configuration. Note the Russian Navy’s St. Andrew’s flag. 830th Helicopter Regiment, Severomorsk, 2004

Mil’ Mi-8T side view

Mil’ Mi-8T

«49 Red», a Mil’ Mi-8T transport helicopter. The type is operated by the 830th Helicopter Regiment since 1970

Mil’ Mi-8T side view

Mil' Mi-8T

Mil’ Mi-8T CCCP-22162 used by GocNII GA

Mil’ Mi-8RTR side view

Mil' Mi-8RTR

Mil’ Mi-8RTR «75» COMINT helicopter of the regiment based at Kalinovskaya; Groznyy-Khankala AB in the autumn of 2001. The helicopter arrived from Abkhazia where it was tasked with peacekeeping operations; note the Cyrillic «MS» badge (mirotvorcheckiye seely — peace forces)