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Il’yushin Il-76MD side view

Il'yushin Il-76MD

Il’yushin Il-76MD RA-78813 named Orenburg

Il’yushin Il-76MD side view

Il’yushin Il-76MD

Il’yushin Il-76MD “01 Red” is named after Air Marshal Nikolay S. Skripko. 610th TsBP i PLS (Combat and Conversion Training Centre), Ivanovo, 2006

Il’yushin Il-76M side view

Il’yushin Il-76M

Il’yushin Il-76M RA-86049 (c/n 093419580) of the 334th Berlinskiy Red Banner Airlift Regiment/3rd Guards Airlift Division, Pskov-Kresty AB, April 2000. It was named Pskov on 20th January 2000. The name “Pskov” and the Pskov city crest painted on both sides