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Mil’ Mi-14BT/PZh side view

Mil’ Mi-14BT/PZh

Mil’ Mi-14BT/PZh S9-TAG Pato III was one of three converted to firebomber configuration by Aerotec of Germany

Mil’ Mi-14PZh side view

Mil’ Mi-14PZh

Ukrainian Mil’ Mi-14PZh UR-BYE chartered by Turkey for fighting forest fires

Mil’ Mi-14P side view

Mil’ Mi-14P

One of several Mil’ Mi-14P passenger helicopters civilianised by the Konversavia company

Mil’ Mi-14PS side view

Mil’ Mi-14PS

Ukrainian Navy Mil’ Mi-14PS «51 Yellow»; the paintwork has been refreshed for participation in a naval parade in 2001

Mil’ Mi-14PS side view

Mil’ Mi-14PS

Polish Navy Mil’ Mi-14PS «1013 Blue» in a US Coast Guard-style SAR colour scheme

Mil’ Mi-14PS side view

Mil’ Mi-14PS

Mil’ Mi-14PS «01 Black outline», United State Aviation SAR Service (YeGAPSS). The helicopter was most probably based at Aral’sk, Kazakhstan, in the late 1980s