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Side views

Mil’ Mi-4M side view

Mil' Mi-4M

«10 Yellow», an early-model Mil’ Mi-4M ASW helicopter with a Koors-M radar of the 830th Helicopter Regiment

Tupolev I-4 side view

Tupolev I-4

Tupolev I-4 “2 Blue” fighter, 1930

Polikarpov R-1 side view

Polikarpov R-1

An Polikarpov R-1 “6 White” of the Engels flying school, 1932

Boeing B767 side view

Boeing B767

Boeing B767 D-ABUB operated by Thomas Cook / Condor

Cheetah side view


Cheetah “01187″ helicopter. This former military aircraft has been transferred in civil company in the 1990s

Il’yushin Il-76MD side view

Il'yushin Il-76MD

Il’yushin Il-76MD RA-78813 named Orenburg