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Archive for April, 2009

Mikoyan MiG-27 side view

Mikoyan MiG-27

Mikoyan MiG-27 “50 White” of the Kazakhstan Air Defence Force’s 604th Air Base, Taldykorgan, September 2002

Mil’ Mi-4P side view

Mil' Mi-4P

Mil’ Mi-4P CCCP-19121 passenger helicopter

Kalinin K-5 side view

Kalinin K-5

Kalinin K-5 CCCP-Sh5. This type used by Aeroflot in 1930s. Letter Sh means a plane accessory to one of Aeroflot schools

Sikorskiy IM-G1 side view

Sikorskiy IM-G1

Sikorskiy Il’ya Muromets “Kievskiy” type G-1 with a wide-chord wing, No. 182 piloted by Captain I.S. Bashko. Stan’kovo, Western Front (of the Russian Army), September 1916

Il’yushin Il-14 side view

Il'yushin Il-14

Il’yushin Il-14 CCCP-L5053 operated by Aeroflot in 1950-1970s

Il’yushin Il-12 side view

Il'yushin Il-12

Il’yushin Il-12 CCCP-L1827 operated by Aeroflot in 1950-1960s