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Archive for April, 2009

Yakovlev Yak-1b side view

Yakovlev Yak-1b

Yakovlev Yak-1b given by collective farmer F.P. Golovaty to pilot B.N. Yeryomin in December 1942. The plane was diplayed this way in Kirov Square in Saratov in summer 1944

Tupolev USB side view

Tupolev USB

Tupolev USB “5 Red”. Engels scool of military pilots, 1941

Tupolev SB side view

Tupolev SB

Spanish Ex-Republican Air Force Tupolev SB 2M-100 “1 White” in Italian-style camouflage. Tablada airfield, Sevilla, the spring of 1937

Tupolev SB side view

Tupolev SB

Tupolev SB “1 Black” was captured by the Germans in the summer of 1941

Tsybin Ts-25 side view

Tsybin Ts-25

Tsybin Ts-25 transport glider

Chetverikov Che-2 artwork

Chetverikov Che-2

Night sortie of Chetverikov Che-2 “4 Yellow”. Baltic Fleet, end of July 1941