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Archive for April, 2009

Il’yushin Il-2 side view

Il'yushin Il-2

Il’yushin Il-2 “9 White” of the 3rd Sqn, 505th Air Assault Regiment, 226th Air Assault Division, piloted by Sgt. M. Gareyev. The Battle of Stalingrad, late December 1942

Tupolev ANT-7 side view

Tupolev ANT-7

Tupolev ANT-7 CCCP-H166 Aviaarktika. P. Golovin’s crew overflew the North Pole in this aircraft on May 5, 1937

Vultee V.11 side view

Vultee V.11

Vultee V.11 CCCP-L3000. The type (as PS-43) was operated by Aeroflot

Chetverikov SPL side view

Chetverikov SPL

Chetverikov SPL CCCP-E54. This aircraft tested in the NII GVF. This collapsible flying boat intended for placing on a submarine

Savoia S.62B side view

Savoia S.62B

Savoia S.62B “12 Red” from one of aviation units of Black Sea Fleet, 1932ю. In the USSR this Italian flying boat was called MBR-4

Bartini Stal’-7 side view

Bartini Stal'-7

Bartini Stal’-7 URSS-S007 passenger aircraft operated by Aeroflot