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Sukhoi Su-27UB on slideshow

Sukhoi Su-27UB

Sukhoi Su-27UB «Blue 43» (s/n 96310425072) manufactured on June 28, 1991. 54th Kerchenskiy GvIAP (Guards Fighter Regiment)/148th TsBP i PLS (Combat and Conversion Training Centre) of the PVO (Air Defence Force), Savasleyka AB, 1998

Polikarpov U-2 on slideshow

Polikarpov U-2

Polikarpov U-2 CCCP-Sh506 «Aviazavodovets» light trainer aircraft of one of schools of Soviet GVF

Sukhoi Su-27UB side view

Sukhoi Su-27UB

Sukhoi Su-27UB «61 Red» of the 689GvIAP, Chkalovsk AB, late 2002. The aircraft was manufactured in Irkutsk

Tupolev Tu-134UBL on slideshow

Tupolev Tu-134UBL

Tupolev Tu-134UBL «17 Red» operated by Russian Long-Range Aviation, early 1990s

Mil’ Mi-6 side view

Mil' Mi-6

«12 Yellow», a Mil’ Mi-6 heavy transport helicopter. The type was operated by the 830th Helicopter Regiment in 1962-93

Sukhoi Su-25 side view

Sukhoi Su-25

Sukhoi Su-25 «03 Red». The aircraft of the vice-commander of the Air Forces of 40 Army Col. A. Rutskoi on which it flied and has been shot down on 4 August 1988