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Side views

Mil’ Mi-14PL side view

Mil' Mi-14PL

Mil’ Mi-14PL «60 Red», North Fleet Air Arm, Safonovo AB, Juny 1996

Mil’ Mi-14BT side view

Mil' Mi-14BT

Bulgarian Navy Mi-14BT «811 Red», Varna-Chaika AB, 1999

Chetverikov Che-2 side view

Chetverikov Che-2

Chetverikov Che-2 from 15th OMRAP (Independent Naval Recconaissance Aviation Regiment). Baltic Sea, end of July 1941

Antonov An-12 side view

Antonov An-12

Antonov An-12 “19 Red” (c/n 3340905) of the Kazakhstan Air Force’s. 603rd Air Base, Almaty, seen at Taldykorgan in September 2002

Mil’ Mi-14BT side view

Mil' Mi-14BT

Mil’ Mi-14BT «39 Yellow». Aircraft Overhaul Plant (ARZ) No. 20, Pushkin, 2000

Mil’ Mi-24V side view

Mil' Mi-24V

Mil’ Mi-24V «58», dubbed Polosatyy (The Striped One). Joint Air Group, Chechnya, Groznyy-Severnyy, 25th July 2000