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Side views

Antonov An-2 side view

Antonov An-2

Antonov An-2 CCCP-H542 (c/n 16447310) by 3rd Soviet Continental Antarctic Expedition (Nov 57 - Jan 59). This aircraft was destroyed by a hurricane in May 1958

Bell P-39Q side view

Bell P-39Q

Bell P-39Q-15-LO «93 White» (44-2844) was the mount of Lt. Dmitriy A. Kalinin, belonging to the 2nd Air Army/7th Fighter Corps/20th Fighter Division/508th Fighter Regiment (IAP) which saw action on the 1st Ukrainian Front

Bell P-39Q side view

Bell P-39Q

Bell P-39Q-15 Airacobra “21 White” / 44-2498 of the Command Flight of the 72nd GvIAP (Guards Fighter Regiment) was the personal mount of regiment CO P.F. Zavarookhin

Mikoyan MiG-3 side view

Mikoyan MiG-3

Mikoyan/Gurevich MiG-3 «02 Red» with the legend Za Stalina! (For Stalin!). 148th IAP (Fighter Regiment)/1st Sqn, Khar’kov battle, May 1942

Mil’ Mi-24P side view

Mil' Mi-24P

Mil’ Mi-24P «01», dubbed Tooz (Ace); note the ace of spades. Chechnya, Joint Air Group, late July 2000

Supermarine Spitfire side view

Supermarine Spitfire

Supermarine Spitfire F. Mk IXE «2 Red» operated by the 19th IAP of the Air Defence Force, Vas’kovo airfield near Arkhangel’sk, the autumn of 1948