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Bell P-63C-5 Kingcobra on slideshow

 Bell P-63C-5 Kingcobra

Bell P-63C-5 Kingcobra «17 White» 43-11137 (presumably), 689th GvIAP, 1946

Sukhoi Su-27P artwork

Sukhoi Su-27P

Sukhoi Su-27P «04 Red» of the 689th GvIAP, 2004

Polikarpov I-15bis on slideshow

Polikarpov I-15bis

Polikarpov I-15bis «2 Red» of the 55th IAP, autumn/winter 1939/1940

Mikoyan MiG-19P artwork

Mikoyan MiG-19P

Pair of Mikoyan MiG-19P an interceptor in training flight on the maximum height. 689th GvIAP, airdrome Nivenskoje, the end of 1950th years

Sukhoi Su-27UB on slideshow

Sukhoi Su-27UB

Sukhoi Su-27UB «Blue 43» (s/n 96310425072) manufactured on June 28, 1991. 54th Kerchenskiy GvIAP (Guards Fighter Regiment)/148th TsBP i PLS (Combat and Conversion Training Centre) of the PVO (Air Defence Force), Savasleyka AB, 1998

Polikarpov U-2 on slideshow

Polikarpov U-2

Polikarpov U-2 CCCP-Sh506 «Aviazavodovets» light trainer aircraft of one of schools of Soviet GVF