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Tupolev ANT-7 artwork

Tupolev ANT-7

Pavel Golovin’s ANT-7 CCCP-H166 heading towards the North Pole on May 5, 1937

Beriyev Be-12 artwork

Beriyev Be-12

On 16th October 1996, when Russian and Swedish aircraft escorted the Russian Navy missile cruiser RNS Pyotr Velikiy, a Swedish Air Force/F15 Air Wing SAAB AJSH-37 Viggen “81 Red” from Soderhamn dived into the Baltic Sea while trying to avoid a collision with Russian Navy/Baltic Fleet/316th ASW Sqn Beriyev Be-12 “26 Yellow” from Kaliningrad-Khrabrovo

Sukhoi T-4 artwork

Sukhoi T-4

A “could-have-been” Cold War mission: Sukhoi T-4 launches a Kh-45 air-to-surface missile

Mi-24 artwork


Mil’ Mi-24P «01» Tooz (Ace) flies a sortie to destroy an illegal oil well. Chechnya, Joint Air Group, the summer of 2000

Tupolev TB-3 artwork

Tupolev TB-3

One of successful night sorties of Tupolev TB-3 during WWII period

Il’yushin Il-12D artwork

Il'yushin Il-12D

Operating from Ice Station Mirnyy (Antarctica), Il’yushin Il-12Ds delivered supplies to remote research stations by airdropping. Here, CCCP-H440 drops fuel drums at Ice station Komsomol’skaya in the summer of 1958