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Polikarpov R-5 artwork

Polikarpov R-5

A camouflaged Polikarpov R-5 light transport aircraft, 1943

Sukhoi Su-27K artwork

Sukhoi Su-27K

Sukhoi Su-27K-2 on the flight deck of air-capable cruiser Tbilisi. By this plane test pilot Victor Pugachev has executed on 1 November 1989 the first landing to a ship deck

Chetverikov Che-2 artwork

Chetverikov Che-2

Night sortie of Chetverikov Che-2 “4 Yellow”. Baltic Fleet, end of July 1941

MiG-Sabre artwork


Soviet ace Semyon Fedorets shooting down USAF ace J. MacConnell. Korea, April 12, 1953

B-17 & B-24 art artwork

B-17 & B-24 art

Boeing B-17 and Consolidated B-24 heavy bombers from 890th TBAP (Heavy Bomber Regiment). Kazan’ airfield, 1948

Petlyakov Pe-2 artwork

Petlyakov Pe-2

Coming home on a wing and a prayer. On 11th August 1942 this 73rd Bomber Regiment Petlyakov Pe-2 piloted by Ivan Kabakov was badly damaged by German flak but made it back to base