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Archive for December, 2009

Bell P-39D Airacobra side view

Bell P-39D Airacobra

Bell P-39D-2 “27 White” Airacobra (41-38555), 16 GvIAP, Kuban, April - May 1943

Mikoyan MiG-17P side view

Mikoyan MiG-17P

Mikoyan MiG-17P “41 Blue” interceptor of the 689th GvIAP, the middle of 1960s

Mikoyan MiG-17 side view

Mikoyan MiG-17

Mikoyan MiG-17 “19 Blue”, 689th GvIAP, еhe middle of 1960s

Mikoyan MiG-15UTI side view

Mikoyan MiG-15UTI

Mikoyan MiG-15UTI “86 Blue”, 1960s

Sukhoi Su-27P artwork

Sukhoi Su-27P

Sukhoi Su-27P “04 Red” of the 689th GvIAP, 2004

Mikoyan MiG-15bis side view

Mikoyan MiG-15bis

Mikoyan MiG-15bis “20 Red”, 1951. On arms 689th Fighter Regiment fighters of this type were less than three years, having given way to more perfect MiG-17