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Side views

Il’yushin Il-18D side view

Il'yushin Il-18D

Il’yushin Il-18D CCCP-75466 tested in GosNII GA

Beriyev Be-14 side view

Beriyev Be-14

The unique Be-14 search & rescue aircraft (izdeliye 2E), “14 Red”, was delivered to the 49th OPLAE DD after completing the test programme but rarely used for SAR missions. It was scrapped in 1995

Beriyev Be-12 side view

Beriyev Be-12

Beriyev Be-12 “88 Yellow” (c/n 6600501), 49th Independent Long-Range ASW Squadron (OPLAE DD), Kosa NAS, early 1970s. This aircraft powered by improved AI-20DM engines was broken up in the late 1990s

Beriyev Be-12 side view

Beriyev Be-12

“07 Yellow” (c/n 0602002), the Baltic Fleet Air Arm’s sole surviving Beriyev Be-12, as it looked in the late 1990s

Beriyev Be-6 side view

Beriyev Be-6

Beriyev Be-6 “01 Yellow”, 17th Independent Maritime Long-Range Reconnaissance Squadron, Kosa NAS, 1958

Yakovlev Yak-28R side view

Yakovlev Yak-28R

Yakovlev Yak-28R “29 Red”. 2nd Sqn of 47 OGRAP, the summer of 1981. After the introduction of camouflage in the Soviet Air Force’s tactical arm in 1979 the 2nd Squadron’s Yaks received this four-tone camouflage during refurbishment at the overhaul plant in Pushkin