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Archive for April, 2009

Tupolev Tu-16R artwork

Tupolev Tu-16R

In a display of first-rate airmanship on both sides, a quasi-Egyptian Tupolev Tu-16R recce aircraft flown by a Soviet crew and flying at ultra-low level over the Med is intercepted by an RAF English Electric Lightning F.3 off the coast of Cyprus in 1970. The Lightning has taken up a position under the Tu-16’s wing

Polikarpov R-5 artwork

Polikarpov R-5

A camouflaged Polikarpov R-5 light transport aircraft, 1943

Il’yushin Il-62M side view

Il'yushin Il-62M

Il’yushin Il-62M CCCP-86656 (the first airliner of this modification) tested in GosNII GA

Il’yushin Il-18D side view

Il'yushin Il-18D

Il’yushin Il-18D CCCP-75466 tested in GosNII GA

Beriyev Be-14 side view

Beriyev Be-14

The unique Be-14 search & rescue aircraft (izdeliye 2E), “14 Red”, was delivered to the 49th OPLAE DD after completing the test programme but rarely used for SAR missions. It was scrapped in 1995

Beriyev Be-12 side view

Beriyev Be-12

Beriyev Be-12 “88 Yellow” (c/n 6600501), 49th Independent Long-Range ASW Squadron (OPLAE DD), Kosa NAS, early 1970s. This aircraft powered by improved AI-20DM engines was broken up in the late 1990s