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Archive for March, 2009

Tupolev Tu-16RM-2 side view

Tupolev Tu-16RM-2

Tupolev Tu-16RM-2 “4376″ reconnaissance aircraft with SRS-1 and SRS-4 ventral blisters. 90th Independent Long-Range Reconnaissance Squadron, Cairo-West, Egypt, 1969-71

Tupolev Tu-14 side view

Tupolev Tu-14

Tupolev Tu-14 (Tu-81) Navy bomber

Tupolev Tu-12 side view

Tupolev Tu-12

Tupolev Tu-12 (Tu-77) two-engine experimental bomber

Tupolev Tu-4 side view

Tupolev Tu-4

Tupolev Tu-4 (c/n 230217) “35 Red”

Tupolev Tu-2 side view

Tupolev Tu-2

Tupolev Tu-2 “32 White” named “Moskva”

Tupolev ANT-7 artwork

Tupolev ANT-7

Pavel Golovin’s ANT-7 CCCP-H166 heading towards the North Pole on May 5, 1937