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Lisunov Li-2V

Side view

  • Lisunov Li 2V side views
  • Lisunov Li 2V side views

Lisunov Li-2V CCCP-H495 (c/n 18430708). This was the aircraft in which Viktor M. Perov, Commander of the 3rd Soviet Antarctic Expedition’s air detachment, saved a team of Belgian Polar researchers on 16th December 1958. The Li-2V side views in the preceding issue are somewhat inaccurate. Due to the provision of turbochargers the engine nacelles were rather different from those of the regular Li-2; this is a reasonably accurate rendering

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  1. Bill Devins

    Beautiful illustrations, Basil! I see you share my interest in Antarctic aviation. Is it possible this aircraft was colored red or had red panels applied like other Soviet Antarctic aircraft of this period?

    May 05, 2009 @ 05:02

  2. dyumba

    Hi Bill, this is Dyumba — administrator of this site.

    I’m replying you on behalf of Basil Zolotov who is away at this moment.

    No, all 7 planes Li-2 of the 3rd Soviet Antarctic Expedition were not fully colored red (unlike other types – look at An-2 and Mi-4) and didn`t have any red fragments in colouring (elements of high visibility). All Li-2 had 2color painting (of different coefficient of wear): green khaki on top and grey-blue below. Pictures are based on recollections of people who aviated them.

    Red ends of winds consoles, keels and part of fuselage in Antarctica appeared (as a strict rule) later – from the beginning of use of Il-14.

    May 07, 2009 @ 22:59

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