I, Vasiliy Zolotov, am the author of the images published on this web site, and their publication in any form without my prior permission is prohibited. Their publication on this web site does NOT make them public property to be used at will.

In order to avoid infringement of copyright, all persons wishing to order images (colour artwork) from me shall strictly observe the terms of the contract to be concluded between them and the author, which shall detail specifically the terms of use (for private use only, for single publication, for multiple publication within a certain time frame etc.)

Buying the pictures doesn`t entitle the customer to pass them to third party

Altering the images published here and their subsequent publication on any grounds will also constitute an infringement of copyright.

The images on this web site are low-resolution and carry a visible protective watermark. However, if an order is placed the buyer will receive high-resolution images without the watermark.

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